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A Cut  Above

Offering speciality foods since 1973

-   ABOUT US  -


We offer the Finest Gourmet Food for home delivery.  We currently deliver to thousands of your neighbors in Virginia and surrounding areas.  We provide the very best in Beef, Fish, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Specialty Items, Desserts, and we are especially known for our incredible Steaks.


  • There are NO contracts. 

  • There are NO minimum purchases. 

  • You buy what you want when you want it, and in the quantity you want. 

  • We offer small quantity purchases, so you never have to buy more than you want. 

  • This is NOT a ‘Freezer Plan’, nor any such ‘forced’ buying program. 

  • There is no delivery charge. 

  • We Guarantee Your Total Satisfaction with Every Purchase. 


We offer steaks that are the highest 'grades' of PRIME and CHOICE available.  In order to give you a frame of reference, we offer steaks that are the same grade as the fabulous steaks offered at those famous premium Steakhouse chains, with which we are all familiar.


Virtually all our items are seperately packaged as 'individual' serving sizes in a Cryovac freezing process.    All Cryovac items are guaranteed in your freezer for as long as you have them.  There is no need to worry about freezer burn.  This not only gives you a great economic benefit and a great convenience, it also offers great comfort in knowing you’ll always have the finest gourmet food waiting in your freezer (in perfect condition) whenever unexpected guests arrive.


We all seek trustworthy and competent people to provide services for us, whether it’s an accountant, an attorney, or even an auto mechanic.  It is indeed a ‘rare treasure’ when we find such people.  When we do find such people, most of us like to share our ‘find’ with friends. 

A Cut Above takes pride in being one of those ‘rare treasures’, about which people like to tell their friends.  That is the key to our success - Happy Clients helping us create more Happy Clients.


We invite you to browse our site and to call us at 571-233-1863 if you have any questions, or if you would like to order something that is not shown.

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