Pacific swordfish are line-caught so they are unbruised and dolphin safe. Frozen at sea to impeccable freshness and brought right to your door! These steaks are great on the grill or under the broiler. Broil or Grill: 4-5 minutes per side. They are done when the steak is opaque throughout. For a moist entree, avoid overcooking.


Microwave: Arrange two thawed steaks in a baking dish. Brush steaks with a mixture of 1 Tbsp. of butter and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Cover with plastic wrap, venting one corner. Microwave at 50% power (medium) for 3-4 minutes. Turn steaks over. Brush with butter; cover. Microwave 3-4 minutes or until fish is opaque throughout.

Ahi Swordfish Steaks 8/10oz

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