The best and sweetest Alaskan King Crab Legs you have ever tasted. We use only select crabs, harvested during the peak of the season, and then individually quick frozen. Extremely meaty! Preparation - King Crab Legs Rinse ice glaze off the shell and then use in your recipe without thawing. The preferred cooking method is to steam or microwave. Starting with the tip, break back one section at a time at the join and pull apart. The tendon will come out with each pull. Use a knife to score each piece lengthwise on the smooth side of the shell. Peel away the shell to expose the meat. Serving Suggestions: King crab is already cooked, it need only to be brought to serving temperature...avoid overcooking. We recommend that it be broiled, steamed or microwaved quickly so as to retain the natural moisture and flavor.

King Crab Legs 8 ct


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